As a graphic designer by trade, Susie Hetherington has always had an interest in repeat patterns; they occasionally crept into her work when designing a brand identity or packaging concept. As a keen illustrator, detail and decoration have been recurring themes throughout Susie's career, and flora and fauna has been a constant source of inspiration. However, it took the change of pace to life, brought about by having children and spending more time away from the screen, to discover what she wanted to do with these interests. From that point onwards, pattern became central to her career.

Using her monotone drawings of flowers the details of nature, Susie soon progressed to block printing – on a steep but exciting learning curve. Printing by hand, and the imperfections it brings, gave Susie's repeat patterns a life and quality she wanted to retain. Her fabric collections, now digitally printed to fabric in the UK, are directly taken from hand drawings and scans of her lino prints, to keep them unique and textural. Pattern remains her true passion, though her work also extends to limited edition prints, and select graphic design work for a few key clients.

Susie lives in Gloucestershire with her young family, where inspiration isn't in short supply. The varied and beautiful surroundings of her village, on National Trust common land, is the basis of nearly all of Susie's designs.

As with so many parents, Susie's working life is very varied and interspersed with family commitments, so unusual working hours have become the norm asher career has evolved. Susie is also Creative Director to a new project; Three Storeys, which keeps her connected to other creatives and the local community, and is a further source of motivation and inspiration.