Three Storeys

In a remarkable industrial building, that, 200 years ago began life as Nailsworth Brewery, knitted textile designer Nicki Schmiegelow has created a multi-functional creative hub, known as Three Storeys. I have been on the project since day one, and was delighted to be asked to create the name, branding and interior design for the project, in the role of Creative Director. Deb Kakoz now runs the day-to-day operation of this fantastic emerging community in Nailsworth. I cover ongoing brand design and support, and get involved with specific projects when needed.

Three Storeys is a play on words to describe both the layout/fabric of the building across three levels, but also to describe the unfolding creative stories of the various people who meet there. The building has three distinct aspects on offer: artist/maker studios on the top floor, flexible working spaces on the bottom floor, and a shared space with café area and workshop/gallery space on the floor in between.

I loved the journey to create Three Storeys; it has been a chance to combine my graphic design skills with my love of interiors, whilst also working as a team to give creative people and the public to connect and form a community.