'Silva' collaboration with Tinsmiths & Tilley's

I was commissioned by Tinsmiths to create a print that reflected their woodland theme for a joint exhibition, 'Silva', being held by Tinsmiths in the Ledbury Heritage Centre. This was a chance to work with Martin of Tilley Printing, on his fantastic presses, just a few alleys away from the Tinsmiths shop in Ledbury. I had long hoped to meet and work with Martin in his timeless, wonderful print rooms, and have always wanted to collaborate with Tinsmiths, so really this commission was a dream come true.

I responded to the woodland theme, firstly, by writing a poem. Very unlike me, but I am in the woods daily, and the trees and leaves inspire so much of my work... so it wasn't hard to find the words. They sort of tumbled out.

Then I carved many many leaves and ferns and woodland plants, across three lino blocks. Martin type set my poem for print in a fourth colour, and the poster was born. 

I also printed some copies of a Ledbury lino block I had carved a couple of years back; coincidentally of Church Lane, where the exhibtition was to be held.

Both prints are for sale online via Tinsmiths, for £27 each.