Patternlog 01: Dyrham Park

This is my first 'Patternlog'; a chance for me to take you along with me on a visual field trip of pattern and inspiration.

This time I take you to National Trust property, Dyrham Park, between Bristol and Bath, in southern England. 

On the video below I record some of what I saw in the house and grounds one November afternoon, and you can see how this was recorded in sketchbook drawings to inspire the work that follows.

Make sure your sound is on for the descriptions of what I see on my trip round Dyrham Park – hesitations, mispronunciations and all. As my first Patternlog, I make mistakes in my descriptions, and even feature one image upside down! Sharing content this way is a steep learning curve for me, but learning as I go is what this new project is all about.

The video below may take a while to load... please be patient, it will appear.

A collection of handprinted lampshades inspired by the visit

Following my visit I sketched elements from memory and photographs that I then carved to lino to create these hand printed lampshades. If you would be interested in purchasing lampshades, please do browse the shop to see what is available.

The main pattern inspired by this visit is based on the windows in a side courtyard, and the plants trained up the wall. I loved how they framed the windows; so much interest, even in winter.

These candle clip shades work as wall lights or on a base. They were loosely inspired by elements within one of the rugs at Dyrham, combined with shapes from the pelmet of a four poster bed.

More information about Dyrham Park can be found at

The work I have produced and this video is made without any involvenment from Dyrham Park or the National Trust. My descriptions will likely be historially inaccurate with many misspronounciations. Please take it as just one response of a visitor to the property rather, than a factual guide.

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