Patternlog 02: Croome Court

My 'Patternlog' series continues as I make patterns inspired by the shapes, features and the atmosphere of a place. I have documented a visit to National Trust property, Croome, near the Malvern Hills in Worcestershire, UK. On the video below I show you what I saw in a freezing but beautiful Capability Brown landscape, and within the walls of Croome Court, a mid 18th-century mansion.

The video below may take a while to load... please be patient, it will appear.

Please excuse the variable sound as I flit between recording in parkland (where you hear the distant hum of the motorway), to recording after my visit. I think you can even gauge the temperature by my voice; I was shivering! I am learning as I go with this sort of way of sharing my work. My hope is I can give a bit of an insight into the process behind my patterns, whilst also exploring somewhere new and taking you with me. I really hope you enjoy this issue of Patternlog.

The Croome Court Patterns

Handprinted tablecloth

A handprinted tablecloth; I am hoping to have these available to sell soon.

Croome Trees copyright Susie Hetherington 2022

These fabrics are handprinted on organic bamboo fabric.

Geese pattern copyright Susie Hetherington 2022

I am prototyping some handmade products made from these materials.

Croome Trees copyright Susie Hetherington 2022

More on what these become, coming soon!

Panelling copyright Susie Hetherington 2022

Copyright Susie Hetherington 2022

Peacock copyright Susie Hetherington 2022

More information about Croome can be found at

All work shown here is under Copyright of Susie Hetherington, 2022, and may not be reproduced.

The work I have produced and this video is made without any involvenment from Croome Court or the National Trust. My descriptions will likely be historially inaccurate with many misspronounciations. Please take it as just one response of a visitor to the property rather, than a factual guide.

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  • I’ve only just caught up on this one – very late! Really enjoyed it as my family go to Croome all the time (being Worcestershire based) but we haven’t yet been able to go in all the rooms that you did – I must visit again. Lovely patterns as always!

    Katy Easey

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