Patternlog 06: Ashmolean / Potter

Over the summer I managed to drag my children to the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, and they managed to drag me to Harry Potter World for the Warner Bros Studio Tour. Both trips surprised us as they were mutually enjoyed, and they became oddly combined. So I thought I would feature them in this Patternlog.

There were lots of links between the two. For example, the kids saw gold 'diadems' at the Ashmolean Museum – a sort of Royal, crown-like headband. They knew that name because of their many years of obsessively soaking up all things Harry Potter, and told me all about the 'Ravenclaw Diadem'. I am not that knowledgeable on any of that, and they enjoyed telling me lots of new facts. I would have thought the museum and the film studios would have been a bit of a culture clash, was actually the opposite. 

On the video below I have created a bit of an insight into what we saw on both trips, and then, in the end, you'll see how this influenced my patterns. Please make sure your sound is turned on for my commentary.

My patterns inspired by the odd mix that is the Ashmolean Museum and Harry Potter World

The work I have produced and this video is made without any involvement from The Ashmolean Museum, or Harry Potter World. Please take it as just one response of a visitor rather than a factual guide.

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