Patternlog 04: Hidcote Manor

Visual field trips with Susie Hetherington. 
School holidays this Easter meant that the kids came too...

On this trip round Hidcote Manor Gardens, in the Cotswolds, UK, myself and the kids explore and record what we saw. The result is a bit different from previous Patternlog editions; this time there is less history and context described, but this beautiful Arts & Crafts influenced garden has inspired just as many patterns.

On the video below I try and guide the kids round the garden, and cringe when I listen back to my parenting! But I hope you'll enjoy this slightly chaotic Patternlog... we all had fun and I hope that comes across.

My Hidcote Patterns

Happy tulips.

Retro tulips.

Pretty tulips.

Wild woodland flowers.

A lively pattern inspired by an exotic flower in the greenhouse.

Pretty in pink.


Cowslips... one of my favourites.


More information about Hidcote can be found here.

The work I have produced and this video is made without any involvement from Hidcote Manor or the National Trust. Please take it as just one response of a visitor to the gardens rather than a factual guide.


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